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Closing the diaper gap in Texas

Focusing on closing the diaper gap, the Texas Diaper Bank strategically creates its programs to target the diaper gap’s root causes: physical, mental, and economic well-being. Through a combination of programmatic components, each program intently tackles one or more of these areas to ensure long-term impact.

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Job Readiness/ Work Force Training

Higher Education

Parenting Education

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Support Services

Case Assessment or Management

Housing/ Shelter


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Incontinence Supplies

Other Goods

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Long-term impact
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Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance directly provides Bexar County families and seniors in crisis access to diapers, incontinence supplies, wipes, and other healthcare products.

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Earn and Learn

Earn and Learn reduces the diaper gap by combining two vital components of self-sufficiency: education and access to resources.

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Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief supplies those affected by natural disasters in Texas with diapers—the only organization in Texas specifically providing victims diapers.

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Emergency Assistance

The Emergency Assistance program reduces the diaper gap by combining support services and access to goods which lead to physical, mental, and economic well-being of individuals.

The Texas Diaper Bank provides direct access to diapers and support services to individuals. Monthly, individuals can receive emergency diaper packs and wipes at the Texas Diaper Bank facility.  The organization also provides them with additional support services including enrollment in its Calm Parent and My Healthy Child classes, referrals to government assistance, and other resources.

The organization partners with nonprofit agencies to provide support services, such as case assessment or management, housing or shelter, and referrals to other services.  Individuals enrolled in their programs gain access to diapers and other goods.

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Population Served

low-income families and individuals in crisis

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Area Served

3 counties (Bexar, Hays, and Kendall County)

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  • Case Assessment, Enrollment in Parenting Education, and Referrals – Texas Diaper Bank
  • Case Assessment or Management, Housing/Shelter, and Referrals – Partner Agencies
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  • 5,800 individuals
  • Over 375,000 diapers and other goods

Emergency Assistance Program Partners

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Earn and Learn

The Earn and Learn program reduces the diaper gap by combining education and access to goods which lead to physical, mental, and economic well-being of individuals.

The Texas Diaper Bank strategically partners with colleges, universities, and nonprofit agencies that provide on-site daycare services.  By providing diapers to these daycares, the organization allows students to take advantage of their services and successfully go to classes with less stress and complete program training certifications or degrees.

The organization partners with nonprofit agencies to provide parenting education.  Parenting education covers various topics, such as diapering, potty training, home safety, prenatal care, nutrition, SIDS prevention and other important topics.  Individuals who attend these classes then gain access to diapers, and other goods to supplement their learning, namely bottles, books, car seats, clothes, potty chairs, wipes, etc.

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Population Served

low-income families and individuals in crisis

Area served icon
Area Served

10 counties (Atascosa, Bexar, Comal, Frio, Guadalupe, Hays, Kendall, Kerr, Medina, and Wilson County)

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  • Calm Parent – Texas Diaper Bank
  • My Healthy Child – Methodist Healthcare Ministries (exclusive to Texas Diaper Bank)
  • Parenting Education – Partner Agencies
  • Diapers and other goods – provided by Texas Diaper Bank to Partner Agencies and to Calm Parent and My Healthy Child participants through Market Days
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  • 9,500 individuals
  • Over 375,000 diapers and other goods distributed
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Calm Parent

While many nonprofits offer parenting skill classes, many neglect the importance of creating a stress—free environment. Filling this void, the Texas Diaper Bank developed its own curriculum that uniquely incorporates stress-reducing techniques. Through facilitators, the Calm Parent project teaches clients basic parenting skills. Participants not only gain valuable parenting skills, but also kits with the resources necessary to implement these newly-learned skills. The Texas Diaper Bank offers a set of 3 classes:

  1. Diapering
  2. Potty training
  3. Babyproofing

For example, a Calm Parent Potty Training kit contains a potty training chair, potty training children’s book, pull-ups, wipes, and reward stickers. Each class training module includes a “readiness checklist” of goals, as well as a list of common problems and calm parent solutions.

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My Healthy Child

Lessening the physical health impacts that the diaper gap inflicts, the Texas Diaper Bank focuses on child health and wellness classes. Through an exclusive partnership with Methodist Healthcare Ministries, the Texas Diaper Bank offers My Healthy Child classes in 8 counties. Taught by its team of professional Wesley Nurses from Methodist Healthcare Ministries, these workshops cover child healthcare topics that enable participants to parent better. To complement the skills that parents learn in the My Healthy Child class, the Texas Diaper Bank supplements materials that class participants learn about to apply these skills later.

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Market Days

Attending My Health Child classes, clients earn “Baby Bucks”. For its monthly Market Days, the organization fashions its warehouse to resemble a market. During Market Days, clients can shop for donated items, aside from the diapers and wipes they receive through the organization’s Earn & Learn projects and Emergency Assistance program, such as baby clothes, breast pumps, formula, car seats, and strollers.

Results: In FY 2017, Market Days allowed for the distribution of 15,500 items.

Earn and Learn Program Partners

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Disaster Relief

In the chaos of a natural disaster, many evacuees lack the time or space to bring many items, especially diapers, wipes, and other healthcare products. The Texas Diaper Bank fills this ignored gap by providing these healthcare products. Without these products, individuals may develop diaper rash, which may require medical treatment. In a disaster, treatment may not be an option, which can lead to fatal complications. Similar to how federal funds do not pay for diapers, no international disaster relief for diapers exists. Previously, the Texas Diaper Bank has provided aid in floods in Houston (2016) and San Marcos (2015).

Results: In FY 2017, Hurricane Harvey devastated the Coastal Bend, including Beaumont, Corpus Christi, and Houston. Currently, the Disaster Relief program has distributed over 4 million diapers to these affected areas.

Disaster Relief Program Partners

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