Texas diaper bank

Our Help Program

As a result of these services, individuals and families are assisted with basic necessities needed for healthy and productive lives.
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The Facts:

  • In 2011, 308 families received Federal Benefits Referrals
  • In 2011, 898 families received CPS Utilities Assistance
  • In 2011, 99 individuals received Eye Glasses
  • In 2011, 247 individuals received Eye Exams
  • In 2011, 99 individuals received Eye Glasses
  • In 2011, 386 individuals received Job Placement Referrals

The Impacts:

  • Families gain access to the Federal Benefits Enrollment (SNAP, WIC, and others) through the Help Program. This allows families to obtain all the services available.
  • Individuals and families avoid the risk of having their electricity turned off and paying the cost of re-connection and other fees that they simply are unable to afford.
  • Those suffering vision impairment are able to visit an eye doctor and receive eyeglasses at no charge; for individuals, the lack of health insurance is no longer a reason for not being able to enjoy the gift of sight.