Texas diaper bank

Donate Today:

Making a monthly contribution ensures that families have access to a lifestyle that is sustainable and healthy for years to come. Donors make the mission of the Texas Diaper Bank possible and carry the impact made for the thousands of individuals the Texas Diaper Bank serves.

Why Donate to the Texas Diaper Bank?

  • Diapers help a family return to the workforce
  • Diapers improve senior’s quality of life
  • Diapers allow children attend school
  • Diapers provide healthy living options
  • Diapers let children enroll in daycare



When you donate to the Texas Diaper Bank, 94 cents of every dollar donated goes directly toward programs.

Donor Story:

Carolyn Madrid

“Helping our community has always been a part of Chris Madrid’s, especially with schools and children. As a business owner it is very important to know your funds are being used wisely. There is no government assistance for diapers, however there are many families that cannot financially buy enough for their babies. Leaving a child in a wet diaper can cause diaper rash, pediatric visits and possibly child abuse from parents improperly attempting to stop the crying. I believe I made a good decision to help this organization. I hope you will too.”

Carolyn Madrid has lived in San Antonio for 60 years and is the owner of Chris Madrid’s. In 2015, Carolyn decided to support the Texas Diaper Bank both through her business and on a personal level. She has continued to advocate and volunteer on behalf of keeping babies healthy, and the Texas Diaper Bank is so thankful for her support.